Our Flower and Garden Getaway – Day One!

One week ago today we returned from our weekend jaunt to our favorite Laughing Place, and I can’t even tell you how much I am missing it already!  So what else can one do but relive the magic and the memories with a new blog post…

Day One! Friday, April 1st – Travel Day!

Today was the day!  We were finally returning to our home away from home!  No April Fool’s jokes here.  We picked up the kids from school at 12:30 and were on our way to Philly International.  Our flight was at 3, so I thought that would be plenty of time to get there.  It’s about an hour drive, so no worries.  Or so I thought!

We got to the toll booth on the turnpike and were about 3 cars back.  A couple minutes went by and I realized we weren’t moving.  Five more minutes went by, still sitting.  What that heck?!  Then we saw the guy come out of his booth to get the plate number of the car that was up there.  Oh no, this can’t be good… Continue reading