Our Flower and Garden Getaway – Day One!

One week ago today we returned from our weekend jaunt to our favorite Laughing Place, and I can’t even tell you how much I am missing it already!  So what else can one do but relive the magic and the memories with a new blog post…

Day One! Friday, April 1st – Travel Day!

Today was the day!  We were finally returning to our home away from home!  No April Fool’s jokes here.  We picked up the kids from school at 12:30 and were on our way to Philly International.  Our flight was at 3, so I thought that would be plenty of time to get there.  It’s about an hour drive, so no worries.  Or so I thought!

We got to the toll booth on the turnpike and were about 3 cars back.  A couple minutes went by and I realized we weren’t moving.  Five more minutes went by, still sitting.  What that heck?!  Then we saw the guy come out of his booth to get the plate number of the car that was up there.  Oh no, this can’t be good…

Ten minutes went by, still nothing.  We were stuck between the barriers with cars lined up behind us, so there was absolutely nothing we could do but sit there and wait.  We were trapped!  Cars were honking.  People were getting out of their cars to see what was going on.  Are you kidding me?!  Out of all the lines we could have picked, this was the one we chose? What was that I said about April Fool’s jokes??  Not funny.  Finally after about twenty minutes they worked out whatever the issue was and we were on the move again.  Hallelujah!

Side note…we like to use Winner Airport Parking when we fly.  You drive to their facility and then they drive you over to the airport (about 5 minutes away) in your own car and drop you off right at curbside check-in.  If you’re in the Philadelphia area, I highly recommend them!  Super convenient.  

So anyway, we got there and had about 40 minutes to spare at this point.  I was starting to get a little anxious because I wasn’t sure how long the line at security would be.  Sure enough, it was pretty long.  Ugh!  We made our way through and booked it over to the gate.  They were already starting to board!  We literally made it just in time.  Whew!


The flight down was pretty bumpy.  I ordered a tequila and OJ but the flight attendants had to stay seated so it was closer to the end of the flight until I finally got it.  Ahhh…that’s better.  Let this vacation commence!

We had decided not to put the yellow tags on our suitcases so we could have everything right away.  Our flight got in around 5:30 and I didn’t want to have to wait for them to be delivered.  So we rounded everything up at baggage claim and made our way over to catch the Magical Express.  Finally, we have arrived!  No better feeling in the world.


We were staying at Saratoga Springs and were actually the first stop this time.  Yahoo!  Usually we are the last.  I had received a text earlier in the day that our room was ready, so we headed right over to it.  This time I had requested a room in the Congress Park section so we could be close to Downtown Disney.  (I know, I know, it’s officially Disney Springs now…but it will always be DTD to me, just like “Hollywood Studios” will always be MGM!)  We had a first floor studio (#1132) which was perfect!  It had a great view of West Side:





After dropping off our bags, we headed over to The Artist’s Palette for a quick bite to eat (love their flat breads!).  After dinner, the kids wanted to swim and go in the arcade, so my husband and I grabbed a tasty adult beverage and sat poolside while they had the time of their lives.  It was an absolutely perfect night.  About 80 degrees and clear, drink in hand with our whole trip before us.  Again I say, no better feeling in the world…


Stay tuned!  Day Two coming soon.  It only gets better from here, I promise!

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