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Hello, my name is Amy, and I am a Disney addict.  There, I said it!  But, I’m sure that’s a given considering I created this blog specifically for my love of the Mouse and all he’s associated with.  So, now we can all move on and I can tell you just a little about myself and how Disney has become such a huge part of my life!


Of course there were the movies and cartoons as a kid, but I must say that what truly got me hooked were my childhood trips to Walt Disney World.  The very first time my family took me there was in the summer of 1982, when I was four years old.  While I only have a few memories from that trip, it was enough to build upon for our second trip, which we took the very next year.

Needless to say, we were hooked!  From there on, we went several more times until I became an adult and continued the tradition, taking many trips of my own.

After a seven-year hiatus (marriage, house, kids…life!), my husband and I took our own two kiddos for their very first visit in May of 2009.  The trip wound up being a complete washout, with rain for about 95% of the time.





However, that really didn’t matter.  My passion had been reignited and I knew from that point on that I would never let so many years go by without WDW again!  I had missed it far too much.

So, we continued on with subsequent trips in 2010, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015 and well, you get the idea.  There is always a trip in the works at this point!

Since we knew we would be going so often, in 2013 we decided to buy our first DVC contract.  It’s hard to believe that I could enjoy our trips to WDW even more, but DVC has made that happen!  I absolutely love being a part of it and hearing “Welcome Home” when we arrive, mostly because it’s true.  Walt Disney World is home to me!

About me personally, I have been married to my wonderful hubby since 2001, and have two great kids that I fully admit to having turned into complete Disney freaks.  Oh well, there could be worse things!  We live in beautiful eastern Pennsylvania and have three adorable kitties:  Jingle, Sasha and Sparkles.  I work part-time, which is perfect since it gives me time to write for this and my other blog, which you can find here.

With this site, I aim to share my thoughts and experiences with you in a fun and interesting way!  If there is anything you would like me to write about, please let me know.  Thanks for visiting!

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